The Human Spirit Project (HSP) was born from a personal, cataclysmic prison experience by its founder, Jeff Royer, former Marine officer and FBI agent. Early on in his incarceration, while in solitary confinement, a powerful book, Beyond Survival, written by 7-year Vietnam POW, retired Navy Captain Gerald Coffee, landed in Jeff’s hands. Jeff was so moved – even changed by the book – that it has inspired him to dedicate his time to giving back and helping get Captain Coffee’s book into as many detention facilities as possible

The Human Spirit Project’s Mission is to introduce Beyond Survival into federal, state, and local prison systems.

At The Human Spirit Project, we believe that every person is God’s divine creation, possessing the ability to overcome adversity through faith.

“At one time or another, we’re all POWs : Prisoners of Woe.”
Captain Coffee, Beyond Survival