The Invincibility of the Human Spirit

“The Human Spirit Project (HSP) was born out of a personal cataclysmic experience by its founder, Jeff Royer. Its mission is inspired by the power of Psalms 40:1-3 and it is dedicated to its purpose of coming alongside those who are in devastating life-changing circumstances. The main focus of the Project is to distribute compelling, inspirational, faith-based reading material into the hands and hearts of the hurting, initially in the various federal, state, and local prison systems. And, to provide follow-up support, using video and study material. The Project begins with distributing the powerful book Beyond Survival, by former 7-year Vietnam POW Captain Gerald Coffee. Jeff Royer considered this book personally life-changing during his own prison experience. Working with system administrators and chaplain services, the HSP seeks measurable outcomes of positive change in the individuals it strives to serve.”

Getting Deployed Soon!