The Human Spirit Project was founded on the inspiration of Navy Captain Gerald Coffee. Captain Coffee was a POW in Vietnam for 7 years and suffered through unimaginable circumstances, events, and hardships. His existence during those 7 years was defined by the raw desire to survive, and the faith that guided him through the entire ordeal.

Once released, the struggles to assimilate back into his ‘normal’ life were a reality every day, not only remnants of the physical hardship he endured, but the mental and emotional toll it took on his very soul. Jerry Coffee not only persevered and overcame, he dedicated his life to teaching, assisting, and sharing his love with others going through their own struggles and utilized the lessons he learned to help them become strong again and realize that they too can not only survive but go beyond survival.

Captain Coffee’s guiding principle…
To reaffirm the invincibility of the human spirit.

Jeff Royer began his professional career as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. He then tested and ultimately was hired as a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Through certain classified occurrences surrounding the tragedy of 9/11, Jeff brought information to the Department of Justice via a confidential informant which, if pursued, would lead to where a large portion of those 9/11 events were funded, and who then could be pursued in the investigation of the attack.

The information was received with accolades and appreciation for a couple of weeks and then, completely out of nowhere, the information was turned around and used to indict Jeff and his informant on RICO charges.

Jeff spent 6 years in Federal Prison, his informant 11 years. The One Minute on top of the world and the Next Minute bottom of the pile was the cataclysmic event that birthed the Human Spirit Project. Jeff’s informant, upon release, committed suicide and Jeff began building a new life, literally from the ground up.

While incarcerated, Jeff came into contact with Beyond Survival, a book authored by Navy Captain and Vietnam POW Gerald Coffee. The book rang true in so many ways regarding the tragedy in one’s life and the necessary coping techniques that could be used to overcome that adversity. Together with the basis for Captain Coffee’s ability to overcome “the invincibility of the Human Spirit” and a deep Faith in God’s plan for all our lives, Jeff wanted to utilize the lessons read and learned to create an organization that could be used to help others who are hit with circumstances that seem devastating at the moment and give them hope and inspiration to show them they too can overcome anything relying on what’s deep inside every created being… an invincible Human Spirit!

The Human Spirit Project is designed to be a platform whereby suffering people can come and seek assistance. We know we can’t meet the needs of the entire world, but we can strive to help as many people as possible.

We are indeed a Faith-based organization, founded not only on the belief Jerry taught us regarding the invincibility of the human spirit, but that the invincibility comes from the design and creation of every individual by the Almighty God.

It’s through Him we have the ability to not only survive but to go beyond survival.