The Human Spirit Project was founded by Jeff Royer, inspired by the book written by Navy Captain Gerald Coffee. Captain Coffee was a POW in Vietnam for 7 years and suffered through unimaginable circumstances, events and hardships. His existence during those 7 years was defined by the raw desire to survive and the faith that guided him through the entire ordeal.

Once repatriated back to America, Jerry Coffee dedicated the rest of his life to sharing the lessons he learned as a POW – a message of faith, hope and perseverance to help people realize that each of us can not only survive but go beyond survival.

Captain Coffee’s guiding principle…
“Reaffirming the invincibility of the human spirit”

In 2002, I was arrested on federal racketeering charges after working for five years as a Special Agent in the FBI. I could tell you a long story of what happened to me and try to convince you how I feel I was wrongly accused and wrongly convicted. How the FBI and DOJ twisted the information I had provided to them regarding the investigation into events surrounding the 9/11 terrorist attacks. How no one who knew me could testify for me because they were told they would be fired or transferred if they testified on my behalf. How corrupted the U.S Justice system really is and how exactly that works…just look at the events going on in the country today.

I could tell you that story and some may believe, some may not…but I have chosen to focus instead on what has happened since then, and why this non-profit was created.

When I first read Captain Coffee’s book, Beyond Survival, I was alone and felt like the entire world was against me. I knew from the moment I started reading, I was experiencing something that would not only change my outlook while incarcerated, but change the way I viewed life in general. My life has been lived since then by the 1/99 rule where I understand that 1% of life is what happens to me, and 99% is how I react.


A few years after release, I reached out via email to Captain Coffee and his wife Susan. I had no idea that one of Jerry’s dreams was to get Beyond Survival into prison systems across the country. With that connection made – my story, combined with Jerry’s story – became God’s Story…utilizing our combined experiences to send a message of faith, hope, and perseverance to individuals needing it most.

The change of perspective within the message of hope and faith that Captain Coffee talks about is the guiding principle of my life today. Since my release, I have shared this perspective with anyone who asks how it is I can feel so betrayed by the Department of Justice, yet still remain positive and move forward as a productive member of society.

I share my story of perseverance and my faith in God that I hope can have some meaningful impact in their lives and share the fact that it was my exposure to Captain Coffee’s incredible and inspirational story that opened my eyes and my heart to the overwhelming need in the world for people who are suffering to understand the true power of their own invincible spirit

Jeff Royer

The Human Spirit Project is designed to be a platform whereby suffering people can come and seek assistance. We know we can’t meet the needs of the entire world, but we can strive to help as many people as possible.

We are indeed a Faith-based organization, founded not only on the belief Jerry taught us regarding the invincibility of the human spirit, but that the invincibility comes from the design and creation of every individual by the Almighty God.

It’s through Him we have the ability to not only survive but to go beyond survival.

God is Strength in the hearts of those who are hurting!